Week 1

These certainly are unprecedented times but we know that God is with us and will remain faithful.

There are many resource providers who are seeking to amend what they offer and allow free content to all. I would advise following certain groups on Facebook/Twitter for lots of regular updates, e.g. Going for growth, Scripture Union, Messy Church BRF, Prayer Spaces in Schools, GodVenture, Parenting for Faith BRF, Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry.

I will be offering three simple things each week:

·        Rituals

·        Resources

·        Really good ideas!

There are many people out there doing lots of excellent things so I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or suggest that these ideas are exhaustive or the best examples. However I am keen to offer consistent support at this time and try to signpost the best ideas available from others.

Week 1


Attending church for lots of families becomes a regular part of life. Even if it isn’t we are used to rituals and routine. Many families will be trying to build new patterns at this time, alongside trying to maintain work, look after relatives etc.
Faith formation shouldn’t be a burden should provide an additional element to our everyday ‘rituals’ at home.
While assigning a particular time to explore faith together might be tricky, it is good to assign a particular space. Involve children in ‘setting up’ this space and recognising a change in gear and a change in atmosphere as you move into a time of worship. If regular routine is helpful at home then consider dedicating time on a Sunday, ideally when your church would be meeting.


Please find attached a format for worship at home.
One with particular resources included for Mothering Sunday.

Really good ideas!

·        If you haven’t already, now would be a really good time to download Guardians of Ancora (from Scripture Union). A free game which explores Bible stories. While screen time may be limited, it will also be more important – in terms of learning and remaining connected. This is a great way to make it a positive experience.

·        Illustrated children’s ministry are offering some of their resources free at this time via a weekly email https://www.illustratedministry.com/flattenthecurve

·        ROOTS have adapted their offering for subscribers to provide resources for both adults and families at home. In addition to that they are offering more FREE materials – follow the link on the homepage https://www.rootsontheweb.com/

Happy worshipping! 

Do let me know how you get on, if you have any questions and if there are other ways you would like to build community at this time, e.g. connecting via video call.

Finally do join in with the call to prayer on Sunday 22nd March at 7pm by lighting a candle and joining the church at prayer.

Prayers and best wishes


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